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Affordable Driving Lessons in Newark, NJ

Getting quality driving lessons from a licensed professional is no longer an issue with Gedeon Driving School PR in Newark, NJ. Our instructor, Gregorio, offers several advantages that other driving education programs can’t match. 

Different Paces for Different Driving Skills

We’re often asked how long it takes to finish our driving school, and for us, we don't give our students a strict deadline. Gregorio works with students based on their driving skills and comfort levels to create a truly one-on-one driving experience. No matter how long it takes, we’ll provide you with the driving test preparation you need. 

Use Our Car or Your Own

A unique option that Gedeon Driving School PR gives our students is the ability for them to use their cars during driving lessons. This allows you to practice driving lessons in the same car you’ll take the test in. Gregorio offers this flexibility while most other driving schools don’t, and it’s just another reason we’re a leading option in the area. 

Transportation to DMV for Driving Test Provided

When the day of your exam comes, Gregorio offers free transportation to the nearest DMV so you can complete the driving test. After our engaging and knowledgeable driving lessons, you’ll be ready to pass with flying colors. 

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  • Driving Lessons at a Personalized Pace
  • Use Our Car or Yours
  • Transportation to DMV Provided
  • Lessons in English or Spanish

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Our driving lessons are both educational and relaxing, and they’ll provide you with the best shot at passing your driving test. Give Gedeon Driving School PR a call today to learn more about our driving sessions and how they relate to what you’ll see on your actual driving test. 

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