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Get your license from a fun and engaging driving instructor by choosing Gedeon Driving School PR in Newark, NJ. Our driving instructor, Gregorio Velazquez Ortiz, runs one of the best and most affordable driving schools in the area, and he has the experience and knowledge to prepare you for a life out on the road. 

Everything Is Possible If You Believe It!

Experienced Driving Instructor 

Gregorio is an experienced driving instructor who holds a CDL license, class A license, and a safety driver school certification. He speaks both English and Spanish and knows how to relay important information to first-time automobile drivers in ways that are both relaxing and effective. 

Building the Confidence of Drivers

Our driving and traffic school wants to be the bridge drivers cross on their way to effective driving. Gedeon Driving School PR does that by using encouraging teaching methods that build confidence. Plus, with us, students have the option of driving our provided car or their own vehicle.

Affordable Classes

Something we pride our driving school on is providing affordable prices for everyone to take advantage of. Gregorio offers his amazing expertise and experience with first-time drivers for only $30 a session. 

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If you’re ready to start preparing for your driver's test in Essex County, enroll with Gregorio at Gedeon Driving School PR. Give us a call today to speak with our driving instructor about how he runs his lessons. 

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